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Intelligent Workflow Automation

What is it?

It is an MSP platform that is divided into isolated domains on the basis of businesses with the secure infrastructure of ServiceNow, which is the world's leader in service and workflow management.

What Does It Do?

In order to collect all the problems and requests coming from different channels in a single central platform, the service management application must have a very strong infrastructure. At this point, ServiceNow meets the need in an extremely secure and flexible way.

What are the advantages?

  • Pricing only for the number of licenses to be used without any additional commitment
  • 100% ITIL compliance
  • Use of Incident – Request – Problem – Change – Asset Management modules with standard licenses
  • Quick and Easy Development
  • Flexible Reporting
  • 100% Accessibility
  • Advanced Integration Capabilities

Measurable Benefits


You will obtain fast and reliable results compared to the manpower working 24/7. You can make cost savings up to 50% and use your manpower in productive areas.


Digital workforce allows you to pay as the resources and workforce you use, without making any commitment.

Installation & Integration

SinceServiceNow is a MSP cloud-based application, it can be used directly without any installation effort. From the very first moment, ITIL compliant service management modules are actively provided. It is only necessary to make customizations for the implementation of work flows specific to your organization.


These customizations can be made much faster and easier than other service management applications. Customizing a standard Service Management module can be completed with an average of 10 days of project work.



Shared Single Platform

Today, it has become extremely important to provide all of the technology needs necessary for companies to carry out their main activities from a single platform and to invest in the right platforms. There is a need to manage the processes of not only Information Technologies processes, but also all service-providing business units (administrative affairs, human resources, law, etc.) from the same platform.

As UniteBT, thanks to our ServiceNow business partnership, which is in the leading position in the world in this field, our customers are able to use ServiceNow on a shared platform, with MSP isolated and customization and development as desired.

ServiceNow Strength and Infrastructure

The security of the platform is provided by ServiceNow in 100% compliance with globally accepted information security standards.

The platform includes 100% ITIL compliant processes (Incident, Request, Problem, Change, Demand, etc.) by default. Apart from that, it is possible to activate and use modules such as Asset Management, Project Management, Document Management, etc. on the same platform.

By using the MSP platform, standard workflows can be implemented in a very short time and you can quickly go your project live.

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