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What is it?

These are the trainings given by our expert and certified consultants in the training of the staff that the organizations that have started or will start their RPA journey will need in the process of gaining RPA capability professionally.

What Does It Do?

These are practical trainings given to a limited number of people by our expert trainers in RPA Awareness, Sales Enablement, Process Selection & Definition, Installation and Configuration, Development Foundation, Advanced Development, Onboarding - Operation & Monitoring, Center of Excellence.

What are the advantages?

  • All trainings are carried out in the classroom and as applied.
  • Opportunity to find one-to-one solutions to the problems encountered with expert consultants.


Comprehensive Training Content

Experiences in Blue Prism, UiPath and COE trainings organized exclusively for organizations by Unite's expert and certified trainers are shared with the participants as applied. Unite, which has a wide training portfolio under the titles of RPA Awareness, Process Selection and Definition, Installation and Configuration, Process Development, Advanced Process Development, Operation and Monitoring, Center of Excellence, has shared its experience with many leading companies in its field.