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Robotic Operation Center

What is it?

Robotic Operation Management is the outsourcing of organizations' existing digital workforce platforms, management, maintenance, support and development services..

What Does It Do?

It provides 24/7 support and makes the necessary reporting against errors, interruptions and exceptional situations that may arise after RPA Projects are operational. It coordinates with other teams and business units.


  • Digital workforce and infrastructure monitoring
  • Exception handling and reporting
  • Incident and demand management
  • Incident and demand management
  • Case management of robots (start, stop, restart etc.) vb.)
  • Asset and license management
  • Ensuring robot performance, density and scaling
  • Bugfix & Hotfix works and root cause analysis
  • Change and Version Management
  • Digital workforce installation and upgrades


  • Ensuring that processes run on time..
  • Determining whether there is any abnormal situation encountered during the operation of the process.
  • Following the system exception type error notifications encountered in the processes. Identifying the root cause of the problem and informing the authorized and related persons..
  • Detecting and intervening Level I errors encountered. Finding the root cause of the problem and taking action..
  • Notifying the process owner for Level II support for faulty situations that cannot be resolved with Level I actions.
  • Preparing usage, performance and exception reports specific to each process on a daily, weekly, monthly basis or at the request of the user and sending them to the related parties
  • Applying security and system updates in a controlled manner.
  • Detecting processes that are hang up for any reason or enter an endless loop.
  • The response SLA for each Level I event is 2 hours. The process owner is informed within two hours at the latest, and the related problem is intervened and if necessary, the problem is escalated to Level II support..




Suitable Service Models

This service can be provided in the "as a service" model depending on the number of processes/robots monitored by UniteBT, as well as it provides the necessary training and consultancy services for the establishment of their own ROC teams.