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Digital Employee

What is it?

It is a digital employee that you can communicate with thanks to its text and voice recognition based switchboard integration features.

What Does It Do?

It understands the verbal and written interaction by making question-answer, intention-emotion analysis within the framework of specially designed workflows and takes the necessary actions and directions.

What are the advantages?

  • Saving of Time
  • Efficiency
  • Increasing service quality and customer satisfaction
  • Decrease in response and solution times
  • Lower costs
  • Service through several channels
  • Standardization in business processes
  • Digital Transformation
  • Quality Management and Continuous Improvement Services

Measurable Benefits



According to the number of jobs intervened with Digital Employee technologies, you only pay for the use of technology as you use it.

Installation & Integration

You can operate Digital Employee technologies directly by integrating with your existing systems without the need for any additional application installation and licensing investment, and you can gain significant advantages in your total ownership cost thanks to the pay-per-use model.


All your workflows integrated with Digital Employee technologies are monitored instantly 24/7, and all detected exceptions are handled to ensure stable operation of the processes, and it is kept supported with re-teaching algorithms.

Digital Employee

It is your digital employee with whom you can communicate both by correspondence and by voice thanks to the switchboard integration capabilities.
Buildable AI Experience

Unlike a standard chatbot product, the Digital Employee has the technological infrastructure with which you can write in all languages of the world and in Turkish, as well as use TTS - STT technologies by integrating with digital switchboard systems..

It evaluates the free text content transmitted during the speech with ML algorithms and analyzes the intention and emotions in it by interpreting from the entire sentence.

According to the predicted content, it can continue the action or process with the question-answer and questioning features in compliance with the taught workflows.


Thanks to its advanced integration capabilities, it can transfer work directly to RPA platforms.

Building Processes

The digital employee can operate in many different areas within your organization, for example, it can respond the problems and requests sent to the IT department, and it can take action according to the workflow you teach in all flows such as frequently recurring account problems, authorization requests, entry/exit processes, etc. Or, like a human resources employee, it can respond to requests in accordance with your internal processes for leave information inquiry, payroll request, advance request, etc. that each employee may need.

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