Digital Workforce

Our virtual workforce is transforming the way companies are doing business today. We are the largest, most experienced provider of intelligent automation solutions, enabling companies to step into the new frontier.

Working with Turkey's largest corporations across multiple verticals we have automated processes in all business functions. Our team of automation staff is the most experienced from process selection to implementation.


Dijital İşgücü

The virtual workforce brings together the principles of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and offer a proprietary platform, designed to automate the execution of business processes by human workers. Virtual Workers are deployed non-disruptively into business operations, and work by emulating the way people use business systems, the decisions they make, and the processes they follow, in order to augment, replace, or digitize manual work processes. The platform can be deployed in a variety of methods to best suit your automation roadmap.

Our intelligent automation platform, Thoughtonomy Virtual Workforce ®, was designed to provide a flexible pool of digital labor which breaks the association between work, the resource required to deliver it, and the method of triggering, initiating or interacting with any given process.

Commercial Models

On Demand Workforce

A true utility solution, with the Virtual Workforce managing workload on a per-minute commercial model, allowing users to link the service cost directly to output delivered.

Fixed Workforce (SAAS or OnPREM)

Provided as a defined number of Virtual Workers, capable of automating an unlimited number of processes and sized to match the expected demands of the automated workload.

Variable Workforce

A dynamic Virtual Workforce provided from the cloud, instantly responsive to changes in demand, auto-scaling to add more Workers as demand grows over time, or dynamically resizing the Workforce to meet peaks and troughs in requirement.

Structuring Interaction

While a good deal of human work is initiated by structured inputs from business systems, a large amount is not – driven instead by human interaction in the form of spoken conversation, email or messaging.

Machine Learning

The use of machine learning allows the Virtual Workforce to learn without being explicitly programmed.

Adding Intelligence

Thoughtonomy’s Virtual Workers exploit Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the form of Cognitive Data Processing (CDP) for the simulation of human intellect through learning.


Thoughtonomy’s comprehensive management console provides a window into the management of the Virtual Workforce.