Next Generation Service Desk

Unite believes enterprise service management is the heart of digital transformation, and today service management doesn’t just mean the end users of your IT infrasturture services, but also encompasses the end users of your products and the entire value change from sourcing to delivery.

Today, enterprises face intense pressure to stay agile and responsive to a highly dynamic, demanding and volatile business environment. The emergence of mobility, cloud computing, e-business, and application proliferation is forcing enterprises to rethink the way they do business. These changes are leading to a change on how support services are being designed, provisioned, and maintained for both internal and external clients of an enterprise.


Next Generation Service Desk

Our Service Desk Heritage

Unite BT has been focused on Innovation in this field since 1998 and been at the forefront of creating solutions that enable today’s most complex corporations to support not only their internal workers but their mobile forces and customer universe including branch network, distributors, suppliers, resellers, mobile and home users.

Our core business philosophy was founded on providing corporations with the best in class support partner. We don’t just deploy global frameworks, tools and processes, since these alone don’t result in adherence to best practices. We ensure successful SM deployment and also ensure these are actively utilized and managed. Managing some of the most complex service desk in Turkey our outsourced service enables corporation to focus on the business and leave the service management to Unite.

How We Help

Next Generation Service Desk (NGSD)

Our NGSD is a result of our experience and focus on 20 years of service desk operations for the largest companies in Turkey, understanding the demands of these business in supporting the ecosystem combined with our hands on experience in workflow management and automation technologies. This cross functional experience has enabled us to develop a truly transformation digital experience which we call the NGSD and leverage the latest consumer orientated workflow tools with robotic process automation to deliver over 70% first touch fix and rapid response anywhere anytime.

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    NGSD transforms and enriches service support for users by providing a digitised, consumer-like experience. The solution enables anytime, anywhere support by combining a user portal and mobile app with web chat and an extensive self-service knowledge library. NGSD gives the power to your people; increasing staff productivity whilst helping businesses meet their digital strategies.

    Leveraging the NGSD workflow with RPA enable massive efficiencies by automating first level support, monitoring, network operation, data centers and application management.