Handwriting Reading

Bank - Turkey
21 Days


It was a manual operation for the customer applying for a credit card to fill in the application form with his/her own handwriting, and the application process took more than a week to process and complete. As the number of applications received daily was more than a thousand, an operation team of ten people was formed to ensure that these documents were entered into the systems. The bank wanted to digitally transform the credit card application process.


The Unite Document Intelligent solution has ensured the digital transformation of the credit card application process with the Intelligent Character Recognition technology, which enables the credit card application forms filled in by customer's handwriting to be defined and read by digital systems. All the credit card application forms have been entered into the systems by a hybrid team of robots and humans. Handwritten texts that the robots cannot interpret or are unsure are submitted to human control, and the process has been automated with 100% success.


  • The deadline for the application process has been shortened by 100%.