Logistics Shipment Tracking

Lastik İmalat Şirketi - Türkiye
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Invoice and shipment information created for manufacturing materials transported by sea, rail road or land was sent to the company via e-mail, these sent documents were interpreted by the employees and a preliminary accounting entry was made into the SAP system, customs entry slip was created, insurance policy was prepared, and daily data such as the location of the shipment, when it will arrive, with which vehicle it was transported, container details, etc., were entered into the SAP system from the website of the shipping company. Two full-time employees used to devote a whole day to these processes in order to enter and monitor all these processes in the systems.


With Unite Document Intelligent and Digital Workforce services, all of these operations have been carried out by robots in a cloud environment with a pay-per-use model. Users forward the invoice information received by e-mail to an e-mail address defined on behalf of the robot, and the robots first classify the incoming invoices over the DaaS service and detect which carrier the invoice belongs to then, it extracts the information that will be needed during invoice entry such as invoice date, invoice number, bill of lading number, purchase number, amount from the document. Then, the robots receive the shipment information by using the bill of lading number information they read from the invoice on the website of the shipping company, and with all this information, they make the preliminary accounting entry of the invoice through the SAP application, enter the shipment tracking information, create the insurance policy, create the customs entry slip and send an e-mail to the relevant customs officer.


  • 100% automation
  • 100% Real Time Processing
  • 70% Cost Savings
  • Decrease in Processing Times
  • Standardization
  • Error-Free Process Monitoring