Idea Management

Automotive Company - Turkey
7 Days


Three ideas from each of the employees had been collected in an idea pool managed by human resources and expert opinion was taken for each idea in order to evaluate the feasibility of the obtained idea, for the company, which has approximately 6000 employees, the personnel working in human resources had interpreted the content of the idea and forward it to the relevant expert, and he/she had spent almost all his/her time on this process.


Thanks to Unite Applied Cognitive Integration and Digital Workforce services, the company's retrospective guidance information has been obtained and normalized to be used in education, and a ML natural language processing (NLP) model specific to the company's needs has been developed. The model observed to provide learning success with the expected accuracy has been integrated with robots, and the ideas sent by the employees to the system have been decided by the robots to which unit and which specialist they would forward.


  • 90% of incoming ideas have been forwarded successfully by robots.
  • Employees have only spent time on the remaining 10% of information.