Expenditure Reimbursement

Insurance Company - Turkey
21 Days


The documents sent by the patients to the insurance company in order to document the fees they spend for the purchase of drugs or services from non-contracted hospitals or doctors were processed by the insurance company and entered into the internal systems prepared for the reimbursement process manually, and after obtaining the necessary permissions and approvals, a certain part of the expenditure made to the patient was reimbursed. Annually, approximately 600,000 pages of documents were sent to the insurance company via this channel, and all these documents were manually transferred to the system by the employees.


With Unite Applied Cognitive Integration, RaaS and DaaS services, all invoices and receipts received by the Insurance company are classified and interpreted, and the details such as patient information, identity number, tax number, invoice number, invoice date, expenditure amount, expenditure items etc. have been extracted and entered into the internal systems.


  • 80% cost savings
  • 100% successful reading
  • 70% process time reduction