HR - Onboarding

Retail Industry - Turkey
10 Days


One of the leading companies in the retail industry with more than 300 branches across the country, our customer's job application management and personnel exchange processes between branches were a time-consuming operation that was repeated every month and had to be carried out manually. Job application documents were received via e-mail or on the website. During the application, it was checked whether the candidate shared a missing document, and manually checked whether the information contained in the documents he/she shared was correct.


With Unite DaaS and RaaS technologies, job application documents have been automatically classified according to identity card, driver's license, health report, criminal record, residence record, military status document, diploma types, and the required information have been automatically extracted from the classified documents. The information obtained has been automatically entered into the in-house CRM software. The information shared by the candidate has been verified through CV pools. Candidates with missing documents among the application documents have been informed by e-mail, and the daily reporting of all these transactions has been automatically made to the business unit.


  • 80% reduction in average processing time.